Chaplains Chuck & Donna

From Chaplain Chuck:

Our ministry in the hospital industry began 10 yrs ago in Los Angeles County. We left our pastorate of 32 yrs in San Francisco to enter into the hospital chaplaincy as a full time career. This is a full time ministry – 7 days a week being ready to visit and comfort the sick, suffering, and dying at a moments notice. We share the gospel and counsel His wisdom with whomever is willing to receive the message: patients, family-members, staff, doctors, nurses, OT’s and PT’s, & all healthcare providers – the whole gamet of the hospital is open to our pastoral care.

The hospital of today is what I call the “book-ends” of life: God drops off and picks up from there. We are here to prepare people for eternity. We have the privilege of sharing Christ and his love and mercy to all from every kindred, tribe, tongue, and nation.

Chuck & Donna McIlhenny
I am the Area Director and teacher/mentor for those chaplains under my care and recruit men and women who want to show the mercy of Christ at the most severe and difficult time of one’s life – at the juncture of life and death.